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Who is OneTakeDave?

I want 'em to

love me

for scriptures

I've written

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Who is OneTakeDave
Born with DJ Disco Dave as a father,

OneTakeDave had exclusive access to classic soul and funk music, as well as a light knowledge of sound blending and electronic mixing equipment. Keeping it all in the family, the senior Dave was exposed to the very beginnings of DJ culture when his mother would travel between Allentown, PA and Philadelphia, breaking all the latest records of the city’s hottest musicians at her house parties. As a precocious and highly observant child, OneTakeDave began to note the mood-changing power of the DJ, and he began to carry on the family tradition and embrace the elements of the lifestyle, eventually wanting to practice DJ’ing stint before focusing his talents on rap.

OneTakeDave performing

What is his purpose?

I quit the

rat race early

I aint runnin'

for fees

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What is his purpose?


Music for OneTakeDave always brought people together, good situations and bad, music is one of the consistent things in everyone's culture. Relating to his audience is of the utmost importance to OneTakeDave. In a perfect world, what OneTakeDave desires most is authenticity in both life and music, and believes that when people are truly honest with each other, the end result between peers can only be harmonious and a benefit to all. He wants people to connect with his stories and songs like he connects with his favorite artist. It's not about showing how different he is from his listeners but how identical their problems, issues, and even good days are.

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Where is he going?

Flyin' through

these broken

blocks i'm a

master at tetris

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Where is he going?


OneTakeDave first recorded in a make-shift studio on the campus of his boarding school. When he first performed an original freestyle in front of a crowd during his college year at Lock Haven University he received a standing ovation. Years later, he headlined his first show at Bourbon & Branch in the Northern Liberties section of Philadelphia. Fans can travel with OneTakeDave through his YouTube channel, where he documents his performances and trips to Boston, NYC, Washington, D.C., and Austin.

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When did it start?

all my life

i had to grind and

i got a lot more

grindin' to go

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When did it start?


OneTakeDave was born in Philadelphia, PA on January 7, 1993. With momentum building in regards to perfecting his craft, OneTakeDave released two consecutive mixtapes, Take One & Take Two in 2015 and 2016, respectively. After releasing the projects, OneTakeDave began to more meticulously craft his business and art direction, as a response to the increasing demand of his work. In 2016, he began to place his music on high-profile streaming outlets like iTunes, and released music videos and mini travel documentaries that, for his fan-base, offered a more intimate look at his life and career. It was during this year that OneTakeDave toured the East Coast doing press interviews and more performances as his music’s reach expanded. Subsequently, OneTakeDave headlined the first OnTheDaily concert, “For The Free” in early 2017, completely selling out tickets and packing Philly’s Bourbon & Branch venue with wall-to-wall fans. The release of OneTakeDave’s next EP, Shangri-La, is slated for Septemper 2017.

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Why does he do it?

I feel alive

when i'm rappin'

i feel awake

when i'm learnin'

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Why does he do it?


Beginning with a traveling grandmother who was his family’s 1st DJ, the tradition passed down to his father and then onto him. It's safe to say that music is simply in his blood. A traditional 9-5 life was never the path OneTakeDave would have chosen. Music allowed him to be ultimately free and to create both a living and a legacy for his family to cherish.

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How will he make it?

You either

seekin' pleasure

or it's profit

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How will he make it?


By putting the city of Philadelphia on his back and keeping his neighborhood in his heart, OneTakeDave travels the country to connect with like-minded lovers of music and hip-hop. It’s through his travels that OneTakeDave can broaden the reach of his music, thereby expanding the minds of his listeners, injecting his world into theirs, while also taking a piece of each place with him.

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